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XcXhXeXrXrXyX: still doing ur homework stubs?

/Awwiiiiight./So I'm sitting on my chair and I was like,"HeY ThEsE M&M's LoOK pReEtY hARmLeSs?!?"/So I grab them./And on the cover it had some sort of contest about finding Hippie M&M's and winning some sort of money./So I'm Like,"WhAtEvEl!"/So I crack them open and guess what the fizzle is just sitting in the bag?/HIPPIE M&M's!!!/I was like,"Oh No I DiDn'T!"/Long story short...supposedly they alllllllllllllll had to be Hippie colors and only the yellow and green those people at the M&M factory are really big fruits./They're gonna give some poor old man a heart attack......either that or the chocolate itself will./
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thats a nice entry about M&Ms....ok...u told me to comment..i dono what to drinking orange juice...and it is neat...THAT IS NEAT...o yea thats mine...U R OUTTA CONTROL!...oh yea thats mine too..ok well im on the telephono with u now and u are doing stuff...ok well PEACE!!

u make me laugh odd-ray.
aww well thanks mull-ay i'm just trying to give the people what they want..and apparently this is what they I give it to them.