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*Purdy Gurdy*

/This week was gay./And I don't mean gay like Queer..I mean gay like the stupidest time ever...although I did see the way Katie was eyeing me./Friday afternoon I woke up from my sister wailing at me to get outta bed..cause there was a delivery guy in my oorway holding a matress./I got a new bed./That was not gay..That was awesome..maybe now my back will bend the right way./Then as I was blow drying my hair I realized Katie was in my I went with her...and we went to her house./Then we walked to Brandon's house and ShHhHaAAaAApPRrRrRrRiiiiiZzZeEdDd him and Ary./I wonder what they were doing all alone in Brandons room...Hmmm./Me and Katherine Martha hung there fo a lil while./Then we went home./Whatvel..Friday night was QUEER!!!/I don't wanna talk about it./Saturday me and Katie woke up and we went to BRUNCH!!./It's not Breakfest it's not Lunch it's BRUNCH!!/But to tell you the truth it felt the same as breakfast and lunch...I was a little dissapointed./Then we went to OSH!!/And we got PAINNT!!/Then we painted her wall./Actually we only painted half a wall..o man/Then she spray painted great quotes on her wall..Like..."FaT GuY In A LiTtLe CoAt"/Then I fed the Crits./And then I left./Gay weekend./BYEEE!
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