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my phone is asian

My new phone is so asain/denmark.I'm really happy cause i broke my phone in March and now i finally got a new one.Whore-aye!BwUaHaHaHaHaaHaHa.This Wednesday was Kareen's we went to STANLEYS!!!we fit in like but it vas reaLLy funn.Me Kareen <3Anna<3 ryann and morgasm went there. and then we went holme. then a lil bit later sumone came over and we went sumwhere and stuff happend and then we saw our waiter driving down a lil ally way it was very neat. I'm having alot of fun with my portable.It can do so much.It can print things from the phone to the comp. I can transfer phone calls the other people...and now i'm training it to do back flips!!It is really awesome and i knoe you probably want it and now ur gunna try and steal.but chu cant!! i called van nuys today...(cause we are tight like that)and i was all liiiike,"WhEn Is bE tHe ScHeDuLe GoInG tO MaiLed?!?!" And she was like,"WeLl SiCe We Is LaZzZy AssEs HeRe wE Won't Be MaiLiNg ThEm In TiMe." so now everyone that goes to van nuys won't knoe there schedule till homeroom on the first day of schooll AgHghgHGGHHGh okay that sucks.

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