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Oliver Twist for $150!!!

The past couple days have been pretty RaD!?!I'm not sure of the dates exactly but here's what has happend....

Went to Kareen's at 9 in the morning
Went to the mall w/ her
Went holme

Had her comeover she spent the night
The next day Anna came over and we all went to the mall
Went back holme and realized I need to get time and sleep for my self other wise I get Cranky and mad at the People who eat my cookies :-)

The Next day Anna left Early in the morgan because she had a.....(GASP).....pHySiCaL!?!?!! She had to pee in a cup! :-0

Me an Kareen were bored of our booties so I suggested we go to the park and feed the crits..but she didn't like that one so finally after many boring hours we finally found sumthin to eat and do! we made cup-o-noodles!! and sat down to watch TITANIC!! but right when we did her FATHER came so she was likke...I WaNt My SoUp!! so we tried to eat it fast but it didn't work so she left...and then there was
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