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Oww..You're On My Toe...Oh Sorry...(STEP) back black and better then ever!! it's been over a month since i've updated and i kno ur all dying to kno what's been up with my non-livejournal ways...ya right.okay well i started school and that's about the moment i'm at manon's house. we just got back frome the LamEc...did that work..? probably not..any way we bought tickets for DICKie roberts but then got a refund because we didn't even knoe why we were at the movies in the first place we didn't want to see then we went to mcDONALDs it was so FUn..not really. then as we were up stairs sitting not doing nothing...manon goes..."IsN'T ThaT KaReEn?!?!!?" and sure enough little kareen was downstairs with ryann<3(she knoes she she wants me) and my best friend trevor..ya right. okay so i was yelling.."KaReEn!!!" and her being the dum heaD that she is didn't seeee me but ryann did.. so they came up stairs and talked to us...we had SOooo much fun we played games and had a few. me and trevor talked about the old times and what fun we had back then me and ryann also talked about my shirt that i wear everyday and the only pair of under wear she has...don't make fun of her guys it really hurts her yes then we ditched them..hahah...and now we are at manon's house i think she's sleeping MuasHahaha this gives me an idea....brb im gunna get a bowl of water
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