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Jewish For A Day!!

okay so friday was a bust but saturday was not to shabby.. i woke up at 10 and went to ANNA'S house....then we journied to the see she didn't eat kandie for a year so she got 100 big ones!! but she did it candy it was juts a scam that she told her parents to get money...sneaky sneaky...we then got clothing ate coo-koo-roo!!!!!! and wrote on sanrio merchandise!! we were busy...later that night i suprised kareen and went over to her house and ryann was thuurr...((on the phone)) but nothing new there! PaAhhAA BUrRRrRrrRN! so yes then my favorite people Jesse and Clay came over and since Jesse is a grown man he kan now drive!! im so proud...any way so we went to cold stone to get PuMpKiN PiE IcE CrEaM WiTh PiE CrUsT!!! the holiday seasons are just around the corner after all!! but the man in the winsow said they were closed so we went home and ate!!! and ate and ate and ate!! it was like we were on crack-canabis....ThE NeW DrUg ThAt'S sWeEpiNg tHe NaTiOn!!!!! we made middle eatern pizzas and waffles and a jewsish egg dish with chocolate syrup with walnuts...not to mention we had pop-tarts and macaroni 2 hours prior to this incident!!!! so then we sent to bed...:::goodNiGhT:::...then we woke up:::goodMoRniNg:::then we ate more then i toke las showeras and then my mom came and picked me im holme on the computer....i knoe ur jealous of my fascinating's okay you don't have to tell me or comment for that matter..there is school tomarrow for all the non-jews..i'm a non-jew but i'd swear that i am jewish so now i'm debating what to do...stay holme or got to school...HhHhMmmmmMmMmM????
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