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*Im A Poet And I Didn't Even Knoe It*

/O MAAAAAN./What a week./It was great./Aiight so it all started out Thursday./I went over to Manon's house because she was going to Missouri...(or as I like to call it Misery..BwWwAAAaaAHhA!!) until Tuesay...and you knoe...I thought I should bid her farewell or whatever.../So I go over to her house looking all crusty and what not and guess whose there?/MY NEW FRIEND CARLOS!!!/I knoe I was shocked too./So anyway my new friend carlos is over and were talking about nuggets and stuff...when all of a sudden he's like,"SoCcEr!!!"/And Me and Manon are like,"SoCcEr!?!"/And he's like,"I hAvE sOcCeR"/So like 30 minutes later he left./Then Tarrrrrrrra came over./Fun Stuff./I went home and I went to slumber./On Friday I Slept until sometime in the afternoon./Then later on that night I recieved a call from my dear friend Katie./She was already at Max's House and was requesting my presence./So I went over thar./Whoa./Thta's all I have to say./That was a very cool night./Saturday me and Katherine woke up a little groggy...IF YA KNOE WHAT I MEAN!!!/Okay./Then I spray painted Katie's wall with numerous wonderful sayings./Such as...Tizzle Fizzle...F The Whiteman...Salt..Gurtled Milk..etc./So Then Phil and Andre came over man I love that guy I don't think I ever told him that enough so here ya go Phil I love you like a mouse loves it's chesse.?....??/Okay so they did some awesome roller stunts..and we was like,"WhOa!"/And then they left...BY FORCE!/Then we left Katie's house Katie came over....and we went to the Galleria..or as I would like to call it...THE SMELLERIA!!/Anyway we saw some people...had a few dirt fights with the knoe..the usual./Then we went home, roasted up some BEEF got a few crusts of bread and made some sort of food..I don really knoe what it was...BUT IT WAS GOOD and that's all that matters./Okay then we went to sleep./But we couldn't sleep so we were just lying in bed until 5 in the morning until suddenly we just slept I guess./So Sunday we woke up at 1:30 and Kareen came over./Then we scootered to RITE AID and got crappy ice cream that melted on my foot./Then I got angered me Kareen and Katie's non-sleepy ways..But then I resolved it...It's too bad Kareen had already left..aww i wuv vo kareen./So now I'm here re-calling my weekend and wishing I did some things that I hadn't and wishing I didn't do some things that I did./But o well don't hate the player hate the game!!!/I love it when I don't make sense.
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