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Your a SLUT!

i think that's real cool

si siht sdrawkcab?!?
5 March
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16, a, b, being a vegetarian, britney spears, c, d, e, f, fishes, g, h, hands down, i, i need a tan, i'm addicted, j, k, kareen, l, laughing!, m, make me, make them stop, manon, music, my dutch phone, n, o, oprah is the best, p, peeing in my pants, playing with kareen, q, r, rx bandits, rxb, s, shut up i'm serious, simon and garfunkel, sleeping, summer, t, teen idol, the oc, the summer, they're the best, tickiling, toxic, u, v, van nuys, vegetarians, w, walk away, wax it all!, x, y, you, your ugly butt, z, zzz